Del's Secret Survey


Alabama State Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh (R-Anniston) is dragging Senators into his office one at a time and demanding a secret commitment on the issues on Del's Secret Survey.

What's worse, Del Marsh won't let any Alabama state senators keep a copy of Del's Secret Survey or discuss the issues with the citizens before demanding they commit to him on the issues!

But why?

Why won't Del Marsh let your state senator talk to you, the citizens?  Why won't Del Marsh let you, the citizens, see Del's Secret Survey BEFORE your senator commits to Del on these issues? 

Who does your senator serve?  You?  Or Del Marsh?

And why hasn't your senator told you about Del's Secret Survey?

Luckily, several senators refuse to be owned by Del and leaked a copy of Del's Secret Survey so you, the citizens, can finally see the survey so many senators are scared of you seeing!

Contact Your Senator

Ask your senator why you haven't seen Del's Secret Survey

Alabama State Senate

11 South Union Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104, United States

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